APOLLOHOSP : leaked confidential information…

Something is cooking behind APOLLOHOSP and waiting for execution of the information. Suppose to increase the price with volume then We will enter to buy it… Look at the chart where you can start your buying in this stock.

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nifty going to open 36 to 42 points gap up on Monday but what…

In the last update, I suggest to short sell NIFTY future click here for understanding it. I was not able to udpate chart here for free. but now We have chart with level for you.


nifty going to open 36 to 42 points gap up appro. and, another scenario: suppose to move continue upside then, breakout-line can react as resistance also 9838 to 9858.

You can check the chart for more accurate levels…! We’ re going to trade on it.

T+2 traders have some good opportunities in NSE nifty trading.

We already had faced wave resistance as 10149, therefore it can continue more fall of 100-150 points. To be alert at all: Nifty fut. 10,000 below only, expected big fall. 3rd and 5th Nov. 2017 are important for swimming traders.

We’re till not confirmed with direct of nifty for swimming traders but T+1 day (Today + Tomorrow) have some good opportunities in trading with stick of stoploss and 60-80 points in nifty future is easy.

Herein, short sellers can try between 10115 to 10129 with the stoploss of 10 points of up. and target should be 10042 and 10009.

Very soon, we’ll update some future stock and option trading ideas.



Nifty future: Intraday levels can help you in trading.


We’ve found intraday resistance 10149-10260, if seller are active this points then target is possible 10300 and support 10000

if nothing will changes,… Then… Nifty will follow intraday levels as per chart only.

NIIT Technologies

My next stock alert could help you profit

NIIT Technologies

NIIT Technologies Ltd.

NSE: NIITTECH – 20 Jul, 2017.

We’ve just come across an amazing opportunity trading on the NIITTECH stock future. stock is falling since 7 days of trading secession but, today made great candle with bullish trend.aTraders will try to buy this stock between 540 and 532, and after cross 555 will come targets as 568-586. suppose to break 528 below, then no way to think about it.