Nifty Trend 02-11-2010

nifty trend

DISCLOSURE: On Friday, NF waiting for targets 6212-6234(Bought 6034-6045)…Fresh your memory, also sent you msg…

Watch 6139
(Above it…NF will continue to move our Targets 6185-6212 and 6275)

Yes, My Subscribers have long strongly….?

Suppose to break out it with volume & stay below it 10-5min…then PANI 6109-6100

Hurdle: 6182-6194

I’ll will update where to sell NF & Where to buy due to live market hrs…

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Nifty Fut. 01-10-2010

nifty index

Friday Disclosure: Sell & Sell NF 6032-6038


Go for Targets 6068-6055

(NF Achieved Full Targets and seen bounce back)

What For TODAY?

Watch 6065

(It will stay above still 10 o clock… then NF will kiss 6128-6137)

Traders : below 6062…SELL & SELL for 6040-6021 and 6000

Yes, My Subscribers bought NF for targets 6081 and 6122-6139

On the Friday, unexpected bounce backReady for 6213 and 6278-6300

I’ll update for follow up for Subscribers only

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Nifty Future 29-10-2010

Disclosure: Yesterday, My msg was 6068-6078(Selling), for targets 6011-5992…(NF Tested 5992)

November NIFTY: Last Closed 6074

Today, Watch Hurdle: 6083-6095
(If Crossover it with volume,… then up move possibility further)

Today NF targets: 6034 and (Stay below 6025 for 10min… Then Watch PANIC 5992-5971

NOW, Ready to SEE 5896-5755 Soon…!!!

I will update this stock for my Subscribers Exact Time & Targets due to market hrs…

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