ncdex cocudakl cotton seeds

What I said at morning time?

Why need to BUY it without reason?

Refresh your memory and try to remember…

COCUDAKL achieved our all target

Yes, my subscribers enjoyed it with exact level & exact time

Did you see it or miss it?

Now what you expect about COCUDAKL?

MCX-NCDEX Guesstimate 26/11/2010: Gold, Silver, Cocudakl, Copper, Potato & Lead

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Remember: I had written about crude oil yesterday. Exactly crude oil will touch my level after you’ll see new buyers door there. I’ll catch you at targets level now

Yesterday I said, don’t trade on Silver & Gold, it’s very unpredictable. Same thing for today silver & gold – VERY COLD


I received many email for view of COCUDAKL

I want to say, why need to BUY it without reason?

Down Jump over back after 989.5 level

Play one simple game with Cotton Seed

“SELL at High – Buy it Low – Wait for High”


101% Hot commodity

Yes, yesterday my subscribers enjoyed…!

Now your turn to play with it

Potato is good for health but not much…!

Sell it below 648 and set profit level 645 – 642

MCX-NCDEX Guesstimate 25-11-2010

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Yes, our subscribers started to buy Natural Gas @ 185 and still HOLD…

Refresh your memory and check out I had written about Natural Gas 18/11/2010


Yesterday Natural Gas blast all our targets

Now what you expect?




You want to mint more money as expect?

Go and Buy copper @ Day’s low

Remember Hurdle – 386.5




crude oil - black gold

You want to earn big profit then go with crude oil

Yes, if crude oil open around 3841 then close your eyes and buy it


Crude Oil crossovers 3867 level then you’ll see unexpected movement

Target – 3890 – 3930




mcx nickel

Nickel playing around Hurdle, It can jump over back today but If crossovers 1034 then buy it

101% clear in your mind only profit – profit – profit

Targets – 1062 – 1073


Do you want to know more about Gold and Silver + Mentha Oil and Potato


Update: Gold & Silver…

mcx gold and silver
Two days back, I said to buy gold at 20028. It’ll go up 20252+ and after the hit stoploss yesterday it touched my level.

Now what you expect?

It’ll go UP or DOWN?

20578 is hurdle of Gold, It can jump over back after kiss 20578

If gold kiss crossovers my hurdle then it’ll make new high – 20951

Intraday Traders play around my level you will get sure profit but don’t forget my hurdle.



Yes, my subscribers enjoyed it and Silver achieved my target 41990

Hurdle – 43026

Now what you expect about silver?

I’ll write more about commodity market, my subscribers only…


Commodity Guesstimate(11/22/1020): Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Nickel, Potato

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mcx gold girl

On last Friday session, Gold touched 20028 levels and made good up rally.

Gold support level 20028 Watch very carefully 20120 levels…

If gold crossovers it then it can go upto 20252 in few hours.

Stoploss level for intraday traders – 20028

(If gold touch stoploss level then watching big bloodbath on Gold)

Because, exact time and exact level – Subscribers only

mcx crude oil

3766… Just watch this level very carefully

Crossovers above this level then take to 3793 – 3816 short run

Support at 3742 level


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Subscribers only see

MCX Natural Gas fired…


Now refresh your memory, you need to go past and need to check out something.

I had written about Natural gas just 4 days back.


Again as expected Natural Gas blast and touched my all target on last session 188+

Did you see it or miss it?

Enjoy with Big Smile now…!

Note: I had written about Gold and it was not touched my level and nowadays watching up rally in gold.

What you expect now?

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