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COMMODITY UPDATES & REPORTS: Crude oil, Natural gas & Cotton tips

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Do remember May 9, 2016 my report of crude oil? If you forget that then click here and remind it again now.

I had written, “…crude oil is still safe for buyers because it’s not broken the support level 2897.
Crude oil short term trend is looking up so I prefer to buy it anywhere for 3060-3132-3210”

Yesterday crude oil touched my third target 3210. This call was given while it was running 2920. Almost 290 (Rs.29,000) point profit per 1 lot..!!!


Today Natural gas may open downwards but it will try to move up and hit 139-141 levels. It’s overall looking very weak so if you don’t know where to pick then do not trade with energy sector commodities. We’re looking in natural gas unpredictable moves 135-133.5 levels because it’s directionless commodity!

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MCX Natural gas tips

Cotton is best for today. Just wait for positive opening bell and take position for 17460-17510 levels. Don’t forget to wait for break yesterday high once.

I will send SMS due to market hours for more information about cotton intraday tips.

mcx cotton intraday tips
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comex gold 2 years charts tips signals

Technical Analysis & Reports on Gold, Silver & Crude oil – Buy / Sell..???

comex gold 2 years charts tips signals
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If gold will break & close above to 1301 then it can break 1338-1386 levels. Read continue comex and mcx gold & silver reports subscribe our service.

Crude oil technical chart & tips

Crude oil is looking positive for this week. This past week in it had loosed almost 58 rupees but crude oil is still safe for buyers because it’s not broken the support level (2897). If crude oil will break and close below it then we definitely see 2812-2700 below levels in upcoming days.

Crude oil short term trend is looking up so I prefer to buy it anywhere for 3060 – 3132 – 3210.

5 events are ahead of the coming week (listed below) and that can affect the energy sector commodities.

Monday, May 9: Germany is to release data on factory orders.
Tuesday, May 10: China is to release data on consumer and producer price inflation.
The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, is to publish its weekly report on U.S. oil supplies.
Wednesday, May 11: The U.S. Energy Information Administration is to release its weekly report on oil and gasoline stockpiles.
Thursday, May 12: The International Energy Agency will release its monthly report on global oil supply and demand.
The U.S. is to release the weekly report on initial jobless claims.
Friday, May 13: The euro zone and Germany are to publish revised data on first quarter economic growth.
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties will publish its monthly assessment of oil markets.
The U.S. is to round up the week with data on retail sales, producer price inflation and consumer sentiment, while Baker Hughes will release weekly data on the U.S. oil rig count.

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FREE Crude oil intraday tips

CRUDE OIL TIPS: Bearish Pressure Remains

FREE Crude oil intraday tips

On last week crude oil lost almost -212 points and on previous trading session it had lost -97 rupees. Look at above chart, MACD & RSI showing down signals. Now no need to explain in-details to smart traders because resistance has been broken and at the present time I look 80% chance to hit first support (2320 level). I am recommending selling crude oil to premium subscribers & free readers.

Once black gold comes under ‘critical zone’ then we will see 2072-1922 levels again.

If you would like to buy crude oil then wait until it crossover the resistance 2545 level OR wait for it to hit support 2320 level one time. If the crude oil breaks resistance and move up then we will show 2610-2740+ levels.

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Crude oil technical chart & tips

COMMODITY UPDATES: Crude oil, Copper & Lead Intraday tips

commodity copper image

What I had said about copper yesterday
If you forget it then click here and remember again.

For day traders: 323.5-320

It touched our first target and on the way to hit next.
Keep calm it’ll touch soon short term targets as well…

Yesterday what I had written about MCX Lead?

I said, “Seller may continue selling while it goes below to our hurdle (116 level). Downtrend is showing 114.5-113.5 target levels for intraday traders.

Lead had made low 113.75 and touched our first target. I hope, everybody will be enjoying our free intraday tips.

mcx lead
crude oil

If we talk about crude oil then yes, it followed our hurdle very well (both side). You may continue selling while it stay below the hurdle for down targets and while it move up then you can follow uptrend targets but always keep in mind, exact time + perfect entry level + stoploss = for premium subscribers only!

Keep note: my downtrend targets are intact.

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commodity crude oil lead & copper tips

COMMODITY TIPS: Crude oil, Copper & Lead will continue drill downward

mcx crude oil tips

HURDLE: 2571

If crude oil will stay below to hurdle then we may see 2530-2505 levels today and if the crude oil will stay above 2571 for 1-2 hours then nobody can stop it to touch 2620-2680 levels.

Exact time + Perfect entry level + Stop loss = For premium subscribers only!

Yesterday next month [APR] contract of copper dropped almost 1.55% (-5.15) and we’re expecting it will go down more.

For day traders: 323.5-320
For short term investor: 316-311
Best entry level: 328.5

Stoploss for free users, yesterday high!
Always keep in mind, stoploss and exact entry levels are available for only premium subscribers.

free copper intraday tips
commodity lead tips

Lead is dropping over 2 weeks and we’re expecting more downward in metal sectors commodities. It hurdle is 116 level. If it will stay above to our hurdle then lead could touch 117.5-118.5 levels. But seller may continue selling while it goes below to our hurdle. Downtrend is showing 114.5-113.5 target levels for intraday traders.

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Crude oil technical chart & tips

FREE COMEX Crude oil technical charts & signals

free crude oil tips / signals

As I wrote on above chart, if the crude oil closes below to 36.27 levels then day traders can very easily eat 35.6-35-34.41 levels.

Remember, 34.41 levels are very crucial and if it goes down to that level then we may see again the crude oil to 30 levels.

So now you must be thinking about what about up trend, right!? Sorry, I’ll share it with premium subscribers only.

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