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Crude oil technical chart & tips

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I had clearly written, “You can sell crude oil while it will close or go below to 3055 level …crude oil can show fall upto 2900-2700 levels. This are seller’s area!”

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As we said, crude oil well played and hit our 1st target 2900 level and made low 2831 in yesterday trading session.

What are you expecting now? Will crude oil go more down or run up from here?
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Copper almost lost 6.2 rupees on last trading session. Today MCX Copper will try to recover yesterday loss and it may hit the 328 levels after opening bell.

If you would like to sell it then wait for the 324.8 levels. Once it will stay below to this level minimum 1 hour then in upcoming days it will show you 321.5-319.5 levels.

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If I want to buy anything for sure profit then I would like to go with Crude Palm Oil (CPO).
Targets: 524.4-526.4

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Note: today I highly recommend to watch metal commodities. Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel & Zinc are at turning points. For receive Metal commodities reports – subscribe our premium service.

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Weekly Technical Analysis & Reports of Gold, Silver & Crude oil tips

Free crude oil tips chart

You can sell crude oil while it will close or go below to 3055 level. Check above chart, crude oil can show fall upto 2900-2700 levels. This are seller’s area!

Hurdle: 3058

Buying pressure will come again if crude oil will close above to hurdle again with 20-30 point difference!
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Whatever people say about Gold, I don’t care where it will open / close but I’m looking strong and upward! Gold will show us 32350-32500+ levels soon. More information and intraday trading help subscribe now.

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Monday opening bell will drag up to silver but short-term buyers should wait for 48032 level. Yes! If MCX Silver will close above to this level then we may see 48700-49500-50000+ levels in few trading sessions.

This is all about positive moves and up directions but if it breaks last trading session low 45840 then what will happen? For to know it / intraday trading guidelines subscribe us!

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COMMODITY REPORTS: Silver, Natural gas, Lead & Cotton intraday tips

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Natural gas is looking strong. Positive opening will attract the buyers and we can see 200.3-203+ levels in 1-2 trading sessions.

MCX Natural gas tips

Lead is the best metal commodity.

Resistance: 120.5
If MCX lead will break and stay above then I would recommend to buy for 122-124+ level. But it move down the resistance then you must sell it for 118.3-115.5 below levels.

120.5 level is command and it’s on your hand now. So follow the resistance and trade wisely without any risk.

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Cotton was opened at 16000 on April and on July it closed 20080. I was saying from beginning of April to buy cotton only. Lookout my previous newsletter:

It gained 4000+ in 3 months and almost 5 times I had recommended to buy for intraday / long term.

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Today I am recommending same for intraday traders. If it will open positive then buy it without any worry. For long term investors – wait for 19600 level.

More information I will update for registered members only.

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BEST For Today: Gold, Crude oil & CPO – Intraday tips

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MCX Gold Report

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MCX Crude Oil report

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MCX Crude palm oil report

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COMMODITY CMX & MCX: Crude oil, Natural gas, Lead & Copper Trading alerts

Read our May 24, 2016 in published Crude oil report by click here. We had clearly mentioned, “3300 level is very crucial because… it will once close above to 3300 level then we may see 3370-3520-3660.
On May 30, 2016 Crude oil made high 3442 and it’s staying above to crucial level too. Now it may break 3403-3442 level again.

Keep note: 3300 level are safe for buyers but if it move down to this level then you can see down actions. Be careful before investing or get advice.

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MCX Metal sector lead and copper run together in yesterday trading session. Today it will try to recover yesterday loss but you must keep eyes on $2.054 (CMX Copper) levels because once it broken then nobody can lift up for few days.

More information and intraday information I’ll provide to Moneymunch registered users only.

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Yesterday natural gas made high 166.2 closed at 165.1 in gain (Rs.1.6+). Today it will definitely open positive but …

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FREE Commodity intraday tips: MCX Silver, Crude oil, Lead, Nickel & Cardamom

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Today very important day for bullion traders and silver is running in very crucial area. Sellers should…

On last crude oil forecast (click here) we had earned Rs.29,000 /lot. Today is very crucial day for crude oil also because if it once close above to 3300 level then we will see 3370-3520-3660 levels. But if it stay below to 3300 levels then small downtrend will start and you definitely see 3130-3000 below level before this week end!

MCX Crude oil tips

First you must read my last report of MCX Lead before read this continue… click here and read it now!
And lead has broken support trendline on 19 May.

mcx lead tips

Sellers should keep eyes on 111.4 levels. This level will make lead directionless. It’s a hurdle of MCX Lead. From this level, buyers will try to push it up but if lead crossover and close below this level then you will see 110-107.5 levels in upcoming days.

I don’t have to say anything about MCX Nickel. It can go up from here but my unbreakable targets are 559-554 levels.

mcx nickel tips

Cardamom looking for top and I think it’s here: 865-874

mcx cardamom tips
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