FULL VIEW: Commodity Guesstimates [03-11-2010]: MCX Crude oil, Natural Gas, Kapas, Popato

MCX Crude Oil (Last Close – 3737)

mcx crude oil

Yes, yesterday my subscribers bought @ 3705

And I said to make 1st intraday profit level @ 3745

Today’s for my first intraday profit level is your support.

Watch carefully 3745 and BUY BUY BUY

I said my subscribers to make profit level – 3800

Do you want it? Then follow me… 101% profit guarantee


MCX Natural Gas (Last Close – 172.40)

natural gas

Watch very carefully level 171.50

If Natural Gas touch 171.50

HOLD FOR 10 MIN. After jump down side 171 then SELL SELL SELL

Close your eyes and sell it.

My targets is 168 – 165


MCX Potato and Kapas – Only subscribers can see.

MCX POTATO (Last Close – 615.60)

If Potato opens around the last close price

@ opening bell and touch 614.8 then SELL SELL SELL

Yes, my intraday targets is Rs. 606


MCX KAPAS (Last Close – 734.10)

mcx kapas

Buy kapas @ opening bell without anything worry.

Targets is 737 (Intraday Traders) – 739.5 (Short Term Traders)

KAPAS and POTATO both target hit…


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Password Protected: Crude Oil watching hot… (Time: 10:14 AM)

access denied

mcx crude oil


I’m watching very hot crude oil

Buy crude oil above 3705 and Targets 3745

If crude oil touches 3690 and freezes five 10min… It’s safe for hold more. If crude oil go below 3690 than exit from it.

Make big money with small risk…


1st Target blast 3745

Yes, my subscribers know, what to do after 1st target…

Guesstimate: US Elections, Zinc, Copper, Natural gas and more

US Elections

Big money from big business has bet that won’t occur. Almost certainly an in safe hands bet. On the other hand, horse races and elections sometimes surprise the odds-makers. The moves over the past few days in the forex markets are totally based on risk hatred. There are numerous worries for big traders. The outcome of the US Elections next week, fed and quantitative easing, and central bank interventions. Commodities have had a good run, so there could be some traders prepared to store some profits. “Anything could happen this week.” The elections on Tuesday could also have an impact on commodity prices. Direction in prices should seem much clearer by the ending of the week.

Gold futures are trading at on $1,351 an ounce on the session lock on Monday.  The previous towering in price is around $1,388 and the low down closing stages of the range is on $1,315.  A break under $1,315 could lead to a deeper alteration as physically powerful support for the market would be broken down at that point.


mcx zinc


If zinc open around yesterday closed price (108.75).

Close eyes and Buy it for small packet money.

Intraday traders for profit book time 110 – 110.5 – 111


mcx copper


Buy copper above 371.5 and set profit level 374 – 375

If copper break and touch 370 then it can go 368 – 367

Don’t hold long!


natural gas

Oops! Natural gas again had broken my level 174.9

What happen now? BULL or BEARISH?

This is big storm start line… [Bada toofan aane wala hain]

What you expect in Crude oil, Silver, Gold, Nickel?

Yes, my subscribers know. What to do now.


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