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StocksGuesstimate for 18-10-2010

(Crossover and stay above 5min. and Just see Panic 266-268)

3-Consecutive Days close 264 above… then PANIC 270 intraday and 277/281

Short Term Trend: Down

(Trend will change soon)

Below 261, it may take 254-250 and 246 also…

Not Counting Opinion of anyone. The market will do what it will happen…We follows levels and don’t take Worry

2-3 Consecutive days, closing below 1582 … then it will take intraday 1564-1569

Short Term Targets 1552-1548 and 1526-1536

I’ll update due to market hrs


Once Breaks 367… then PANIC 362-358 Intraday

If trade below 362 ends of trading days… think for future sell & sell for targets 356-359

I’ll update more for subscriber…


Sell & Sell Opening Bell: 134 – 135

(Your Stoploss 135.5)

Once breaks 132… Stay 5min… Then PANIC will take 128-130 soon

Closing Bell: Just, turn your eye of Future (JP) end of secession… 132 closing… sell future 1lot for targets 127-131 (2-3 days)

(Profitable traders know the exit is always more important than the entry)

As per above lines, Buy & Buy for 2-3 Days of Trading for 142-145 if close above 135 & cross 136 for targets of PANIC 138-139 Intraday

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

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