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Expect Nifty 50 continue fall if intraday level triggered




In the last update was 17th Feb, 2016, Nifty followed acculturated our level and chart path. It started to fall from high of previous of yesterday as 7252.


We clearly mentioned 7248 to 7271 will change the direction of market.
Just compare last researched chart and present.

What is next?
7169 to 7144 is resistance for intraday only if trend is really bearish, then Nifty will close 7095 below. We can see fall of 6832-6798 very soon…!

Just look up S&P 500 chart and next level…

s&p 500

The chart below shows that the SPX 1650 level +/- may be next and sooner than most think. Looking at this 2 hour chart of the SPX, we can see a similarity to the December 27, 2015 top. The move up from February 19 into February 22 is stronger by 27.7% suggesting a harder move down this time than in late December into January 20th.

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