FREE Gold 1 year chart, tips, signals

FREE Commodity tips: Gold, Silver, Nickel & Mentha oil

FREE Gold 1 year chart, tips, signals

This week MCX Gold: 28,350-28,050
It can move up but from where? I will say to my premium subscribers but look at above chart for reference purpose.

More information I will update to do market hours for premium subscribers.

commodity silver tips

On last week, what I had said about Silver to premium subscribers?
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I had said to premium subscribers, “Today very important day for bullion traders and silver is running in very crucial area. Sellers should Sell more this week because 39200-38840-38570 levels are waiting for you.”

And silver made low 38778 on last trading session and completed our second target. Now what you expecting? Will it hit my last target …???

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I got a couple of emails for new updates about MCX Nickel. I just want to say to buyers & sellers both are right now in a safe zone. Critical areas start from 544.6 level and end at 523 level. This week nickel can easily slip / touch to critical area first level but …it’s a very dangerous area for buyers and sellers. If will stay above 544.6 level then it will take a u-turn and touch again 590-620 levels OR if nickel will close below to 544.6 level then we will see a 523 level in 2-3 weeks.

mcx nickel tips

Targets: 840 – 820 – 800

Note: if it will close above yesterday’s high then we can see some positive moves so I would recommend do not enter if this thing happen.

mcx mentha oil tips
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free gold silver intraday tips

FREE Commodity intraday tips: MCX Silver, Crude oil, Lead, Nickel & Cardamom

Today very important day for bullion traders and silver is running in very crucial area. Sellers should…

On last crude oil forecast (click here) we had earned Rs.29,000 /lot. Today is very crucial day for crude oil also because if it once close above to 3300 level then we will see 3370-3520-3660 levels. But if it stay below to 3300 levels then small downtrend will start and you definitely see 3130-3000 below level before this week end!

MCX Crude oil tips

First you must read my last report of MCX Lead before read this continue… click here and read it now!
And lead has broken support trendline on 19 May.

mcx lead tips

Sellers should keep eyes on 111.4 levels. This level will make lead directionless. It’s a hurdle of MCX Lead. From this level, buyers will try to push it up but if lead crossover and close below this level then you will see 110-107.5 levels in upcoming days.

I don’t have to say anything about MCX Nickel. It can go up from here but my unbreakable targets are 559-554 levels.

mcx nickel tips

Cardamom looking for top and I think it’s here: 865-874

mcx cardamom tips
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comex gold 2 years charts tips signals

Technical Analysis & Reports on Gold, Silver & Crude oil – Buy / Sell..???

comex gold 2 years charts tips signals

If gold will break & close above to 1301 then it can break 1338-1386 levels. Read continue comex and mcx gold & silver reports subscribe our service.

Crude oil technical chart & tips

Crude oil is looking positive for this week. This past week in it had loosed almost 58 rupees but crude oil is still safe for buyers because it’s not broken the support level (2897). If crude oil will break and close below it then we definitely see 2812-2700 below levels in upcoming days.

Crude oil short term trend is looking up so I prefer to buy it anywhere for 3060 – 3132 – 3210.

5 events are ahead of the coming week (listed below) and that can affect the energy sector commodities.

Monday, May 9: Germany is to release data on factory orders.
Tuesday, May 10: China is to release data on consumer and producer price inflation.
The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, is to publish its weekly report on U.S. oil supplies.
Wednesday, May 11: The U.S. Energy Information Administration is to release its weekly report on oil and gasoline stockpiles.
Thursday, May 12: The International Energy Agency will release its monthly report on global oil supply and demand.
The U.S. is to release the weekly report on initial jobless claims.
Friday, May 13: The euro zone and Germany are to publish revised data on first quarter economic growth.
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties will publish its monthly assessment of oil markets.
The U.S. is to round up the week with data on retail sales, producer price inflation and consumer sentiment, while Baker Hughes will release weekly data on the U.S. oil rig count.

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free gold silver intraday tips

FREE Commodity intraday tips: Silver, Copper & Lead

One of the best commodity for day traders.

Intraday targets: 114.1 – 113.6 – 113.3

Remember, perfect entry level & stoploss is hidden for premium subscribers but keep note 115.7 level is risky for sellers.

mcx lead tips

If copper stay below 2.226 for 4-5 hours then you will see 2.216-2.210 levels.

MCX traders can expect 324 – 321.5.

mcx copper
free gold silver intraday tips

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MCX Copper 3 year charts & tips


In just 3 weeks silver has moved up almost 3990 points. Resistance is 40500 level for active traders. Level 40500 is heart-breaker because once silver will sit above this level then you can’t expect what happen next. It may show you 41250-42300+ levels.

But… that thing happen while it go up then resistance level, right? But what if it will stay below it? You must sell it for 39500-39000 levels.

I will provide Intraday & Short term calls / tips by SMS only to premium subscribers.

commodity silver intraday trading tips
MCX Copper 3 year charts & tips

Copper closed at 334.5 (3.95+) with 1.19% change. Copper rose almost 25.5 point in last two weeks and if it will break & close above to Trendline – A then copper move up until it touch once Trendline – 2. If copper will move down this week for correct the price correction so we may see copper this week between Trendline – A to Trendline – B.

More information about copper I’ll update due to market hours for premium subscribers only.

commodity natural gas intraday trading tips

Day traders can buy natural gas for 146 level. 146 is a hurdle level and if natural gas close above the hurdle then we will see 150-155 levels in coming days.

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