It is very hard to climb up for Nifty future, but see in blue Triagle pattern have support

As per previous researched on nifty future, Nifty was jumped 120 points up with the high of 8604. I’ve also mentioned 8585 and 8632 is our selling in two step. Have you seen nifty future the our previous researched? You can check it here.


This chart can help you FREE trading, just wait to tomorrow market… if we have time, we will update perfect direction for you.

Updated Date and Time : 10:30 AM (21th, july 2016)

you should know that you don’t have direction of market on particular. In-case, nifty is going up side … then it will give fear of down side 1st, and vice-verse. we will act on this situation. In the present time, keep patience for traders.


Nifty downtrend has opened the door…

The technical review with chart:


Most global markets were green overnight and that has U.S. futures once again in positive territory as the bulls look to extend the recent advance into all-time record high territory. Nasdaq and Dow Jones trading in narrow range.

Nifty future may go up-to 80 to 125 points up from now as above technical chart.

Look up this stock will help you find exact selling level as per trend.

Nifty future has very strong resistance at 8578 and if it continues its move up then it can extend the target to 8628 again with strongest resistance as per preview chart…the first sign of weakness would be the breach of 8480.

I will update you sell single when nifty touch 8580…


short term bank-nifty overview.

Herein, we’ve updated Bank-Nifty overview for the July. This is really happy you in trading if you’re swimming trader or Bank Option traders.

Try to understand the chart.


You can see two support which is mentioned chart. Just wait for next update of bank nifty. We will update short term and intraday view very soon.

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Nifty future have strong support 8262 to 8289 (you can buy here) with stoloss 8242 targets 8355-8379 and 8489-8522


Nifty fut. index might be quieten 8400 nearby : Short seller

Since 3 trading secession, I am writing for selling level 8400 and 8450. but in new update you have to concentrate on it.

first  look up chart of Nifty future.


A trader in such a time, keeping watch too much attention to the activity of any type. There is no specific level of the selling more than 95% sure.

The 8259 is support for nifty future, if trader short it. This level can help them to book profit. In more accurate talk, nifty can take rest 8300 to 8450 for 2-4 trading secession. Therefore, keep profit booking if you’re short seller.