Voltas: This stock future good for trading intraday…

Voltas, have showed us yesterday good strength. You can just try to buy this stock stock between 358-363 with stoploss of 353 for targets intraday 369-372 and, suppose to cross 374… then free fire upto 386-398 in 2 trading secession.


This call is not holding more than 4 trading days. You can think as much as deep to grab it but, not below the stop loss.



As per our previous researched, exactly nifty future touched 8747. We’ve mentioned that it can move consistent target as 8747. After reached this level, we’ve seen selling in it upto****.


Now, I’ve updated chart for you nifty future. I do not think,  nifty can move up more…therefore resistance 8768 to 8786. And, there’re not changed in support at 8568.

Call sent to Subscribers as per above chart support level

SENT time and date:4rth, Aug. 2016 (time: 11:55 AM)

Buy Nifty future 8547 to 8554 with Stop to loss 8532 and targets 8606 intraday and positional 8680-8745

Banknifty : we don’t think to stop the move up! So,…

We’ve observed a nice fall in bank-nifty yesterday, but till we do not think to stop move up by it. Look at the chart closely, you can find great support for intraday traders and target too.

There’re till bulls have much power and you can get great opportunity to Double/Triple your money by option trading on bank nifty. Yes, you can check the above level for intraday entry.


8516 above, people pay attention to consistent target as 8746

Hi! Friends,

Since few days, I’ve not done nifty future chart and calls for FREE. But, Don’t worry! Today, I’m with you nifty chart and level. please check the chart and note the level for you.


Till nifty look up for targets 8722-8787. As per our researched, traders should try one for the next big trigger on the positive only above the 5500 level. Therefore, you can pay attention to the 5558-5576.