mcx lead intraday tips

UPDATE: MCX Lead – What to do?

September 28, 2010 What I said at Morning Time? Just 1 day back… I had recommended Commodity LEAD.

POWER OF CHART – Who can say anything else?

My level crossed Rs.102. Now, what to expect Do you know?

I’ll catch you later at Next Level.

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MCX Lead – What to do?

If It KISS my support than what’ll happen do you know? Really don’t know…

Than lead say:

All I Seee…

In Hersszzz Touch…

zara zara buy me buy me…

O zara zara buy me buy me…

If it go below to my support than Lead say:

It’s my life

It’s now or never

I ain’t gonna live forever

I just want to live while I’m alive
It mean – Start Blood-raining with Lead… Don’t touch it.

Short term trader… Just watch Rs.100 level very carefully

Once crosses and closes around this level watch nonstop rally upto 102-104-105.5
Important key support at 99.5 level.
Now, what to expect from this level? What to do?

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Silver, Is there no reason to sell it?

Total Growth of Silver
Total Growth of Silver

Silver reserves have again and again out-performed both the DOW and Gold. Watch my chart: where MCX silver increase around 90%, Gold above 50% and Dow just 22%. Silver has been outperforming any other metal, except gold, and has seen the longest run in quarterly gains in about 30 years. Silver continues to push higher.

Is there no reason to sell it?

3 consecutive days, Silver breaks 32615 and close below 32645… Then watch short-term 32445 – 32400 and 32220

Suppose, not closing below 32645 up move will be continue up to 33000-33200