MCX Crude oil tips

Commodity MCX & NCDEX Index, Crude oil and Aluminium intraday tips

mcx commodities intraday tips

MCX Index crucial level: 2554.5
Once MCX index will break then we may see continue downfall upto 2548-2540. Keep in mind, crucial level is just like a support so if it will hold above the crucial level then we may see 2565-2577-2583+ levels.

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NCDEX Market index is rising since 4 weeks but yesterday market opening it had started falling. Agri-commodity traders must have eyes on 2919 level. The 2919 is a small support. If that breaks support then we may see downfall upto 2900 level.

crude oil tips

I’m damm sure it will open positive but not sure about today uptrend! Uptrend will being if crude oil breaks and stay above 2478 level. If that’ll happen then definitely we see 2525+ levels.

But in current situation we’re looking 2416-2382 levels.

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Hurdle: 101.1
Targets: 99.8-99.4

Hurdle level is very important. If it will hold the hurdle for 1-2 hours then it can hit 102-102.8+ levels in few hours. In commodity market aluminium is a sweet poison so always be careful with it.

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Free commodity silver intraday tips

FREE Commodity intraday trading tips on Gold, Silver, Crude oil & Lead

Free commodity gold intraday tips

Free commodity silver intraday tips

Once silver will stay 1-2 consecutives hours below to 34360 then it may show 34250-34160-34K levels. And if silver will take rest above 34400 levels then we see non-stop upward moves. It can break 34700-34800 levels!

Exact entry level + Trend information + Stop loss = Premium subscribers only!

Free commodity crude oil intraday tips

Today crude oil will try to go upside. If it breaks and stay above 38.26 levels for 1 hr then the crude oil small uptrend will being and it will hit 38.9-39.8 levels.

And if crude oil will break and stay below to 37 level then we’ll see extremely downtrend and it breaks 36.6-36 below levels.

More information I’ll provide to commodity / forex premium subscribers.

Free commodity lead intraday tips

Small downtrend has been begun in lead metal. Today lead will hit 113-112.6 levels!

But the lead solid support are 112.3 level and hurdle is 111.9 level so be careful before investing.

Take someone expert advices because my targets and levels are intact but perfect entry levels require before make trades. It’s a sure shot!

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commodity cpo tips

Commodity intraday tips update on MCX CPO

commodity cpo tips

What I was saying about CPO before market opening bell?

I had said, “Crude palm oil is the best commodity for today!
…but I’m expecting 387-384 below levels”

It just touched 387 level and completed 1st target!
So now, what you’re expecting?
Will it touch the second target?

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free crude oil tips

Commodity Crude oil, Aluminium & CPO intraday tips


Crude oil was falling non-stop over 2 weeks and that situation will stay as it is until the crude oil break and close above 2805 level. If it stays above 2805 for 1-2 consecutive hours then we will see 2855-2888 levels. And if it’ll stay below to 2805 level then nobody can stop to break 2682-2646-2600 below levels.

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Intraday Targets: 96-95.3
Above targets are intact but you will need to find top and exact entry level.
Exact time + Exact entry level + Stoploss = Premium subscribers only!

mcx cpo tips

Crude palm oil is the best commodity for today!

Just take care of previous closed level. If it breaks that then we may see 395-397+ levels but I’m expecting 387-384 below levels.

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