Immediately turn your attention to Nifty future 9128

In the our previous update, We have clearly told you nifty has targets 9189 and 9222, after that you know nifty created 9212. Click here

One more stock updated by us in past is Reliance stock future for selling 1326 nearby but created high 1327 and its could not climb more that it. Click here


Now, You have turn your attention on nifty future with chart. Herein the chart with resistance level and target of 60-95 points profit.


You have to keep patience for level up …. More details are for subscribers…!


Nifty future, perfect trade idea your money.

In the our last updated for nifty future have mentioned up-reversal was perfect. if you remember, it was traced trend of up in last update with reversal point. but, today update is indecisive. Look at the chart, you will get support where traders can start buying.


You have to wait for level come to trade. As mentioned in chart 9056 nearby great change to buy nifty. Deep is great idea for long. Yes Doji is sign of reversal but it till not confirmation of reversal. 9131 above trade is up move.


Reliance on the way of your income…!


Right time and Right action will the potential of more profits to come!

Herein, Reliance Stock future (NSE) trading 1309 nearby…! This is really strong resistance, Do you have lion heart… then 1316-1327 (We will continue to monitoring to find sell level of this stock)

Visit after sometime for chart update…



Intraday day decision point for Nifty future

This levels are for just intraday traders will lead to decide market direction. Focus nearby this level, because 8850 is the buyer’s decision point. you can will get 62-87 points after triggered any level.

  • Nifty future can open -ve with gap of 40 points nearby.
  • Fed chairman Yellen speaks on 11:30 PM 3rd march 2017

We will generate call on nifty future very soon.


HINDPETRO, several promising people are on their radar

Have you been following yesterday’s pick, Dr. Ready?

The stock released fired bomb and screaming higher in market. Well, what is for today now, right? Today, Hindpetro openned -ve and till trading 509 nearby in equity and future 513 nearby… just wait for more deep, look at the chart.


Yes, this stock is in coming day to buy… patience is tool to enter right level as mentioned in chart. Our Subscribers will try 496-505.

Updated date 3rd march 2017 (time 10:30 AM)

HindPetro (stock future) made low 504… look at the chart…!


Dr.Ready has an upside that may shock you and the reason why might surprise you…

One of the easiest ways to book profits is to view the news and see what’s hot and where opportunity lies. , Well, My new pick not only presents you with immediate upside, but also an insane opportunity to book profits as time passes. Here is chart will suggest you where you should start thinking about Drready.


Target is big and risk is small if you start entering in deep and deep… !!!

There is thousands and maybe millions of resources out there that teaches you different kind of things in trading and how you’ll make all the money out of it. However, does it really work?

Yes, you know very well that we update less but perfect!!!